Here is most of our family! 

Left to Right (around the circle)

Michele Boling, Kourtney Jacoste, Taylor Jacoste, Sabrina     , Alexander Boling, Charles Boling II, Jamie Boling, Beverley Cooke, Wayne Cooke, Deloris Boling, Charles Boling, Chris Bevers, Crystal Bevers

We all got together (this is our family room, looking into our kitchen) for Wayne Cooke's Birthday Party in March 2002

More pictures of family!

Left to Right (around the circle)

Chris Bevers, Wayne Cooke, Charles Boling, David Cooke, Beverley Cooke, Alexander Boling, Charles Boling II, Miriana Boling

We got together for a Beverley Cooke's Birthday in July 2002 at the Boling's house (Charles' parents).

Grandpa Cooke (Wayne) and Grandma Cooke (Bev)love their grandkids! 

Summer 2002

Miriana Boling (7 months), Wayne Cooke and Alexander Boling (20 months).

In the Cooke's backyard

Alexander Boling (20 months), Bev Cooke

at Wayne Cooke's old grade school

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