Here is our house.  We had major cat work done in July 2002.  We made the driveway a circle and cut the hill (the one the cat is on in the picture) back away from the house.  The front door is right in the middle of the side of the house you are looking at.  The view off of the other side is beautiful!

Here is a picture of grandma Cooke and Alexander watching the track-hoe fill the dump truck with dirt.  This is picture is taken from under the carport (that you can see in the first picture).  The view is looking up at the hill that the last picture was taken from.

Here are two views out our family room window.  The top (Nov 2001) is looking to the left and the bottom (Feb 2002) is looking to the right.  This bottom picture is of our herd of Elk (no special lens on the camera--they really *were* just a few feet from the window).  There are 35 or so in the herd that visit us fairly regularly.  As you can see, they have no fear of coming right up to the house.

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