See in Chinese (见中)

Unfortunately, the Chinese government has chosen to block some of Google tools that we used to create the web site about our trip to adopt Jonathan.  To help our Chinese friends who wish to read more about our adventure here in China, we have copied some of the content here.  It is not nearly as nice as the original site, some of the content doesn't render properly, and it will be a little out-of-date while we are traveling, but it is better than nothing!

Home Page (6.4MB PDF)
Jonathan's Story (4kB HTML)
Journal - no pictures (142kB HTML)
Journal - with some pictures:
Page 1 (2.1MB PDF)
Page 2 (3.3MB PDF)
Page 3 (1.8MB PDF)
Page 4 (734kB PDF)
Page 5 (725kB PDF)