Who woke me?
It's a boy!

Timothy Paul Boling

July 1, 2016

9:02 AM

Easy does it...  Relax...  No hurry... I'm happy right here...

It's a baby...

That was Timothy's attitude before delivery (a week and a half late), and that was pretty much his attitude during delivery too!  He was quite satisfied to lay back and let his mother do all the work, but after 8 hours of labor we finally drug the little bull dog out of his cozy little-man cave, to be rewarded with a rather annoyed scowl, a few complaints about the abuse; and, after looking around for a bit and deciding that there wasn't anything to get excited about, he decided to go back to sleep and ignore us for a while.

It's a baby...

Weighing in at an even 11 lbs. and measuring 23" long, with plenty of hair and long nails, he looked in many ways like an older baby.  He shed so much vernix that it looked like he'd been having a food fight in a cream cheese frosting factory.

Mommy & baby sleeping

Mommy's more than a little sore and tired, and I think everyone else involved is a bit of the same.  We're so grateful to the Lord that this little fellow joined our family, and that everything went as well as it did.  Michele's grateful that she doesn't have to wait another 3 days to celebrate her freedom....

The most major events in our family's lives seem to be new members, so we were lazy and didn't do an annual letter again this year.  Below are family pictures that we took in March.  Already outdated! :-)

Family pictures by Chris Stroud     (Click photos to view larger copies)
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