Ariana on Daddy's arm"Ready or not, here I come!"
  Our latest little Boling:
Ariana Lenae Boling
October 23, 2012  @ 1:10 AM
9 lbs. 8 oz.; 22" long

We are thrilled to welcome our newest daughter to this world.  She was very accomodating in her arrival, announcing her visit far enough in advance that we weren't awakened to entertain her; and she was similarly considerate of the midwife's time, not keeping her waiting too long.  Once Laura arrived, Ariana gave her about 10 minutes to settle in, made clear her intent to come, and five minutes later used her rather well-developed lungs to let us know she was healthy and well.  (She did complain rather loudly about the service, but once things were prepared to her satisfaction, she settled right down.)

Ariana snug in carrierLabor?  Well, I never know how to count that anymore.  2 hours?  8 hours?  3 weeks?  3 months?
I do know that despite the quick delivery, Michele was rather tired (though she played her part very well!) and was, I think, glad to bring the last few weeks to an end, and is looking forward to obeying Laura's order to rest for a day or two after this one.

Holding her, she hardly seemed like a newborn, both from sheer weight and because her hair and other features are well-developed.  The quick birth assured that she didn't get smashed too much, so she looked more like a real human and less like a newborn, too.  (One of these days, Michele's going to prohibit the publishing of anything she hasn't had a chance to edit...)

Anyway, we're grateful that the birth went well, and our hearts are filled with love for this new child that will make a wonderful addition to the rest of our family, and I can hardly wait to see her siblings' excitement when we
introduce her to them after they awake later this morning.

Family Picture - July 2012

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