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As the Christmas season is on us, we have the opportunity to ponder over the events of the year, as well as thinking of family and friends both far and near.  This is what lends to the tradition of writing an annual Christmas letter for so many people.  We want you to all know that you are close to our hearts, even if many miles separate us.  

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year – the birth of the Savior brings such feelings of peace and love, not only to us, but to the entire world.

William in rocking chairAs we ponder over this year, we are reminded of many significant events that have happened to our family, the most important of which was the birth of our seventh child, William Spencer Boling, on September 27th.  William is a treasure to our family, with his soft coos and gentle smiles.  He is often gassy and fussy, but can magically be calmed by being rhythmically bounced in his bouncer – a task made easier by many helping hands. 

September was also the month we took our first “real” family vacation.  With Charles' mother and nephew, we drove (in our 15 passenger van) to southern California to celebrate Charles' grandfather's 100th birthday.  This was a  week-long, spur-of-the-moment, 2,700-mile road trip that landed us back home just 10 days before William was born.  All went well with the trip, and it left us with many fond memories to reflect back on.  Just 2 months after that, Miriana and Charles had a “trip to remember” as they flew to Utah for a four-day tour of the Salt Lake area for Miriana's 8th birthday.  (Alexander took the same exciting trip last year!)Grandpa and some family at his 100th birthday party


Steven Richard turned one in July and has been “going” ever since.  He is a super happy, “get into everything” little boy, who just loves being part of his older siblings' activities.  He also adores his little brother and never misses the opportunity to bestow many generous “loves” upon him.


Liliana Crystal will be three next month and is learning new things all the time.  While still very behind in her language development, she is attempting new words every day.  Her ability to communicate via sign language is phenomenal, however, and she is often asked if she is deaf!  She has caught up developmentally in her physical abilities, and just adores playing house --  especially cooking -- with her siblings.


Shana Marie, who turned five in November, is still a fire ball of cuteness.  She has many people at church wrapped around her little finger as she charms her way into their hearts.  At home she is constantly on the move as temper tantrums are mixed with endearing hugs and “Broadway quality” acting.  She has discovered novels this year and if missing, she will often be found huddled in the library reading such things as “Hardy Boys”, “Boxcar children” or anything having to do with princesses!


Matthew David was six in June and was thrilled this year to lose his first tooth!  Matthew loves anything to do with the kitchen and learned this year to make bread – both sweet bread and yeast bread.  A quiet soul until friends are over, he can often be found coloring, drawing and reading.  He is an excellent bike rider and loves to be outside exploring the woods, tormenting the chickens and digging in the garden with his siblings.


Miriana Celeste will be eight at the end of this month and is eagerly anticipating her baptism the following Saturday.  Miriana is the “mother hen” of her flock of siblings and takes pleasure in that role.  She has been a great help to her mother with the little ones and when not tending, loves to find a quiet place to read, write stories and draw. 


Alexander James turned nine last month and cemented in the fact that building and engineering are his passions.  He loves anything related to roads, freeways and bridges.  He can often be found either drawing his intricate creations on sheet after sheet of paper or “building” roads with blankets and other odds and ends through the hallways of the house.  He has also, in the last month developed a love of origami – both traditional and creations he's dreamed up.  With his siblings, he will spend hours creating and flying paper airplanes.

Charles & Michele have kept busy putting in a huge landscaped, raised garden in the spring, raising 32 chickens and 20 ducks in the summer, acquiring and breeding goats (for milk next year) in the fall and working on the on-going “garage-to-apartment conversion” in the winter.  Our Thanksgiving table was graced this year by our very own turkey that we butchered.  Charles is still active in the ham radio community, and Michele in scouts (as cubmaster).  Charles is still the “Stake technology specialist” and Elder's Quorum secretary in church, as well as playing the piano and organ whenever needed.  Michele serves as the Relief Society chorister, permanent sub in nursery, and is starting her 10th year of producing the monthly Relief Society newsletter.  Charles has worked for his current employer, The Intelitech Group for almost 11 years and we've lived in our house for 8 years.  And time seems to go by faster every year as we watch our precious babies turn into darling children!  

We love you all and wish you the Merriest Christmas!

25 Dec 2009

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