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We started a couple of sizable projects this year

One of these was the satellite dish -- which had a baby!

Charles has a different idea
of art than most folks...
E.T. the snowman "phoning home"
on a beautiful winter day

Charles is the Technology Specialist for our stake at church, and the primary purpose of the 10' dish was to receive the signal from the church satellite system so that he could record the high-quality digital program streams directly to the computer's hard drive, where he could edit them and produce DVD's for distibution to the chapels, etc.  As a bonus, we get to record and watch outstanding programming from BYU-TV.  

The smaller 7.5' dish was installed first, as a learning exercise (so hopefully by the time we got to the big dish we'd know what we were doing), to provide a backup in case the big one failed, and to let us view whatever other free programming we can pick up from C-Band satellites, without disturbing the alignment of the big dish.

He was able to acquire all of the major components (dishes, poles, new commercial-grade coax, analog receivers/dish movers) at no cost -- just a lot of work to remove the dishes & poles!)

The other project we're embarking on is the conversion of most of our garage into an apartment!

Floor joists with studs laying across them to dryNext to the bathtub is the wall that used to be
our garage door!

Over the past year we've considered building an apartment in our garage for a variety of reasons.  After obtaining almost everything needed to build and furnish it short of the lumber and drywall for free, we decided to go for it!

Our Dining Room
filled with garage/apartment stuff
Now you know why we didn't have Thanksgiving
at our house this year!