August 2002

Alexander (21 months) and

Miriana (8 months)

Welcome to the

Boling Family

Christmas 2002


Hello friends and family!

Merry Christmas!!!  We hope this is a happy and joyous season for all of you.  We are all doing very well here and have had a good year. 

This last year has been a busy one for Charles.  He has been up to his ears in home improvement projects--some small and some large.  The kids' favorites' have been the swings and trapeze he hung up in the house.  He's put together a nice workshop for himself in the garage and loves spending time out there.  He's also kept very busy at the Intelitech Group--the company he has worked for, for almost 4 years as a computer programmer/analyst.   He is still the Ward Clerk in church and has been enjoying being able to play the organ for special musical numbers in Sacrament Meeting this holiday season.

Michele has kept busy working on home improvement projects as well--especially outside.  We had major cat work done (made our driveway a circle, cut back the hill right next to the house, etc…) and she has been landscaping all around the house.  She's also been working hard home-schooling Alexander and Miriana.  Her philosophy is that it is a shame to wait until children are six to start educating them in reading, math and other "normal" schooling subjects because they are capable of learning much earlier.  The children have about an hour to an hour and a half each day of formal schooling and love it.  Michele was recently released from being Relief Society chorister and secretary in church  and was called to be nursery leader.  She is really looking forward to working with the children. 

Alexander celebrated his second birthday on November 16, 2002.  He is a slightly small 2 yr old--but a little powerhouse!  His favorite thing to do is to climb on things, like small chairs, and jump off (usually landing on his feet).  He loves climbing ladders and bouncing  like "Tigger" (more bounce per ounce!).  He still loves his Johnny-jump-up--something we wonder if he's ever going to give up!  He is still an exceptionally happy, loving child--he loves to smother his sisters in "loves" (then push her over and hit her…).  He's doing very well in school and showing remarkable progress--he knows his alphabet and can over 100 words--and is starting to read sentences.  He knows his numbers 1 to 20, 16 different shapes and 18 different colors.  He's learning to read music--he knows most of the treble clef and can pick out a few notes, by ear, on the piano.   One of his favorite non-schooling activities is spending time with his best friend Taylor Jacoste. 

Miriana is still our feisty little red-head.  She was born with a quick temper and short fuse--but boy is she cute!  She will be celebrating her first birthday on the 29th of December.  She just recently learned to clap her hands and loves the song "If You're Happy and You Know it".  She can clap at the appropriate times during it.  She can say "da-da", click her tongue and drink out of a normal cup.  She loves her Johnny-jump-up as well--but that is the only form of movement she likes.  She doesn't roll over, crawl or even "scoot".  She can sit up for hours--and lean forward flat on the floor (to reach toys) but refuses to budge in the slightest.  She will "stand" leaning against your legs, but even with help, won't lift her leg to try and take a step.  She's definitely stubborn (hmmm, a lot like her parents)!  She is very dexterous with her fingers and can pick up the smallest items with ease.  She loves stacking blocks and putting lids on containers.  She has a wonderful giggle that can make anyone smile.  She adds spice and variety to our day and we're glad she's part of our family! 

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